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If you’re looking for constant hot water in your home or business, then the team at Hire a Plumber can be of assistance. We can do all your repairs and we only install hot water cylinders that are efficient and designed specifically for Auckland’s climate conditions. If your hot water fails or you are not happy with your current water pressure, give us a call and let us help.

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Hot water cylinders in older homes

You may find that you have a low pressure hot water cylinder. These are great for water saving, but you may find that your hot water is much slower than your cold water when having a shower, or your hot water suddenly goes cold when someone uses another tap. Upgrading to a mains pressure hot water cylinder will improve your shower experience and save you money on heating as they are already highly insulated. Talk with our plumbers before proceeding as they can check that your existing shower head and taps are compatible. You may even want to consider installing a new pressure valve which is a cost effective way to improve a low pressure hot water cylinder.

How to check for low pressure hot water cylinders

The easiest check is if you can see a vent pipe coming out of your roof. The second check is to compare the pressure from your hot and cold taps. If you can notice a difference in your water pressure, it indicates you may have a low pressure hot water cylinder.

No hot water

We know this is very inconvenient, especially in the colder months. Typically, this is a sign that your hot water element or thermostat needs replacing and we can easily get this repaired. We will also do a quality check to ensure you have the correct sized element and thermostat for your hot water cylinder.

Benefits of mains pressure hot water cylinders

You will instantly see and feel the benefits.

  • Cold and hot water will flow consistently
  • More efficient heating system will reduce your electricity bill
  • Better insulated cylinder will keep water warmer longer
  • No reduction in water pressure with people using multiple taps and showers
  • A much wider choice of taps, mixers and shower heads

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