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Everyday our Auckland Plumber respond to home owners and businesses seeking plumbing maintenance repairs. We can help you avoid expensive and time consuming repairs in the future. Regular plumbing maintenance can keep your home or business’s plumbing system working properly all year, potentially saving you thousands of dollars and hours of inconvenience.

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Never leave it too late

Most plumbing maintenance repairs can be fixed on the spot by one of our plumbers. If you are unsure if your repair needs a plumber, give us a call and we will give you an honest answer. Most of our customers like the convenience of having a plumber onsite as it provides them the opportunity to discuss other plumbing repairs that have been on their ‘to do list’. If you have left your repair for a while, don’t panic. Hire a Plumber Auckland will provide you with a number of solutions to suit your budget and time available. Plumbing maintenance takes only a little time and it will help minimise future plumbing problems that will require more time and money to repair.

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We know you are busy, so when you book in a time for us to visit, we will be there. Because our plumbers come fully equipped to your house, most repairs are completed in a short time so you can get back to work or enjoying the rest of your day.

Preventative maintenance plumbing checklist

The following is a quick guide to how you can recognise plumbing issues before they happen.

Leaking faucets or showers

A small leak in your tap or shower will get worse over time. The amount of water that is leaking may seem insignificant, but even a little water can cause major water damage (plus add to your water bill). Some tapware have 5-10 year guarantees, so check the manufacturers website. Old washers can sometimes be the cause and these are relatively easy for you or us to replace. This is also a good opportunity to assess if you want to upgrade your tapware.

Slow or clogged drains.

Over time, drains naturally get clogged with debris (eg, food waste, hair) that will cause the water to drain slower and slower over time. For some drains, it only takes a few minutes to clear the debris and get it flowing again. Ideally you should do this every 3 months or when you notice the drain slowing down. For other occasions when you can’t easily access the drain or a blocked pipe is an issue, contact us, as we have the right equipment to remove the debris without any damage.

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Blocked or leaking toilets

Toilets are a big inconvenience when they don’t work so we recommend contacting a plumber as soon as you see any warning signs. Toilets can easily become blocked or due to wear and tear stop functioning correctly. Leaking toilets can run up a big water bill and one of the plumbing repairs best handled by a plumber due to the health risks. Often the repair for toilets is quick and inexpensive.

Dishwashers, waste disposal/insinkerator and washing machines

Each week you should check these appliances for trapped debris. Forgetting to regularly do this can result in the debris moving into the pipes. There are few liquid dissolvers that you can pour down your pipes, but these are typically not environmentally friendly and only temporarily solve your problem.

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