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Hire a Plumber can accurately locate your pipe or water main leaks without damaging your property. We use the latest sophisticated leak detection equipment using acoustic high definition pressure waves that penetrate the ground. Our advanced equipment provides us the ability to detect leaks accurately and efficiently on all pipe types including PVC.

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Checking for water leaks

Have a high water bill, or unexplained water on your property. A simple test will help confirm if you have a leak

1. Pick a time when no water will be used for at least four hours – overnight is a good time.

2. Read your water meter, then read it again after the period of not using any water. Make sure you don’t use any water during the test. For example, if you do an overnight test, you would read your meter at night before bed, then again the first thing in the morning.

3. If the meter numbers are higher, this shows that water is being used and it is likely you have a leak.

4. Read all the numbers on the dial (black and red squares).

Visit Watercare for more information as you may be entitled to a refund by simply using our services to fix the leak.

Underground pipe leaks

In some cases, the cause of water leaks could be a larger problem involving burst or cracked underground pipes. Your Hire a Plumber technician will carry out leak detection services to determine where your underground leak is coming from. Once they have identified the problem we will recommend the most cost effective repair solution. Common leaks include:

  • Hidden underground water leaks under the ground, in gardens, under concrete driveways and slabs
  • Internal water leaks under internal floors, in walls, in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Rain leaks – our skilled plumbers can locate the entry point of the rain using their knowledge combined with our thermal imaging technology

Why Hire a Plumber for leak detection

Our team have access to the latest leak detection equipment, where we use acoustic pressure waves to penetrate the ground to pinpoint water leaks. While other plumbers have to use traditional digging methods to find the source of your leak, it can cause unnecessary mess and damage to your property, requiring additional money to repair this damage. Because we have the latest equipment, it causes next to no disruption to your ground and we have an amazing track record of finding leaks fast and efficiently. We can show you on screen the layout of your pipes and where your leak is occurring. Our equipment is so sophisticated that we can even identify gas leaks from your pipes.

Our Water Leak Detection Services

It takes experience and training to accurately detect water leaks and the team at Hire a Plumber can help you with the following services

  • Saving home owners and businesses money by locating hidden water leaks
  • Locate source of unexplained moisture/leaks
  • Find water leaks under concrete slabs, driveways, behind retaining walls
  • Locate leaks to fire mains
  • Water, irrigation, storm water, sewer and septic line location
  • Digital colour indrain camera (CCTV)
  • Pipeline correlation and data logging

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